First you need to choose an orange. I prefer them when they are cold, heavy, and firm but not too firm. I toss it up in the air a couple times to spin all the juices around and catch it on my up facing palm. Next I pierce my finger, (would use a nail if I had any) near the axis. If you think about the orange like a globe, it would be near Canada. Once I pierce I begin to pull away the thick spongy rind. I like to make a game of this. Sometimes, I can pull off the rind in one piece, other times I have a pile of small pieces. Once the orange is fully peeled, I tear it apart down the center into two halves. The best and worst part is the coating of mist and orange that will remain sticky on your hands. A good orange will be shared with a friend; you get one half and your friend gets the other. Place the rind in the compost (duh) and then peel away each slice until all you have are your sticky hands.