Face the orange; that's right, it won't hurt you. Now gently pick it up in your hands. Feel that cool, smooth texture. Locate the two small bumps at the north and south poles of the orange. Pick the divot that doesn't have a small brown, round circle in it. Place a sharpened thumbnail into the divot, and keep pressing until the skin breaks. Slip a finger into the break to create a small hole. Maybe lick the juice that's on the finger; it tastes good, doesn't it? Now use your index finger to slowly pull back the skin, and keep pulling until you've pulled off a strip, revealing the fruit inside. Pull off all the skin, now, until you just have the orange, plus perhaps a bit of white fibrous material left over. Don't mind the fiber. There should be ten segments of orange, but don't worry if there's a slightly different number. Choose your favorite wedge, peel it off, and eat it. Repeat until the orange is all gone. Dripping is encouraged.